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Arthritis Management


Managing your arthritis

Infrared Therapy:

Infrared laser therapy uses concentrated infrared light to increase circulation, promote healing and reduce pain. Infrared therapy can be a safe long term method of pain relief for arthritis, but is not strong enough to promote larger scale cellular regeneration. At Advanced, we use infrared therapy to complement and enhance the other more powerful treatments for arthritis. We can also recommend infrared devices you can use at home for daily therapy.

Joint Lubricants:

Joint lubricants utilize a medication called Hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is normally found in joints and serves as a lubricant between the joint spaces to reduce joint friction. With arthritis, the joints lose their lubricating factors causing bone to touch on bone, leading to inflammation and pain.The lubricating effects of a Hyaluronan injection allow for the cartilage surfaces of joints to glide upon each other in a smooth fashion.

Patients can typically receive a series of 1-3 injections, spaced about a week apart. The effects can sometimes last for up to 6-12 months, or even longer depending on activity and other factors.

Oral Medications and Supplements for Arthritis:The main medications and supplements used in treating osteoarthritis pain include analgesics, anti-inflammatories, glucosamine, chondroitin, corticosteroids, and hyaluronic acid. Oral medications can help to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness, but do not regenerate the joints.Regenerative Cell TherapyRegenerative cell therapies help promote your body’s own growth and healing properties to reduce pain and swelling and promote cellular growth. There are a variety of methods of Regenerative Cellular Therapy which includes using your own cells and injecting those cells in high concentration to the area that needs healing, as well as using cellular signaling molecules from donor cells with more active regenerative capabilities.