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What Is Emerald Laser Scoping?

Emerald Laser Scoping can provide an alternative fat loss treatment without the adverse side effects associated with surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction, cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) and body wraps. The Emerald Laser is the only laser fat loss option FDA Market Cleared to treat patients with BMIs up to 40. Approved to treat the entire body, it reduces fat that causes love handles, muffin tops, and all other unwanted pockets of body fat.

Emerald Laser Scoping

Emerald Laser has a number of benefits that traditional fat-reduction options don’t. Unlike liposuction, a surgical procedure that causes bruises, redness, and swelling, and weeks of downtime, the Emerald Laser is a cold fat removal treatment that causes no bruising or swelling, no side effects, and has no downside. It uses low-level laser light to penetrate the skin and break down fat. The treatment is non-invasive, with no discomfort or pain, and none of the risks associated with a surgical procedure such as liposuction. Other popular noninvasive procedures use fat freezing to break down fat generally involve more discomfort than laser fat removal treatments. The results appear more slowly, and, in some cases, more treatments are required to get the desired results.

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