Ketamine: A new and effective treatment in mental health

Fast-acting Symptom Relief

Ketamine infusions relieve depressed symptoms relatively quickly—often in only a few hours. While scientists are still attempting to identify the exact processes underlying this potent impact, they are aware that ketamine induces a sharp rise in glutamate levels.

High Rate Of Success

According to several studies, more than half of TRD sufferers have considerable symptom improvement after just one infusion, and many more do so after two or three.
Ketamine infusion therapy is extremely helpful for those who haven’t been able to experience long-lasting alleviation from their symptoms with conventional medical treatments because of its high effectiveness rate.

Lasting Symptom Remission

While ketamine infusion therapy doesn’t “fix” depression in a single session like traditional antidepressants can, it also doesn’t require daily use for years on end (or for as long as they work). Instead, over the course of a single treatment cycle, ketamine infusions trigger advantageous brain alterations that result in long-lasting symptom alleviation. The acute phase of ketamine infusion treatment typically involves a series of six infusions spread apart over the course of two to three weeks for the average patient. After this initial therapy, a protracted maintenance period ensues, which may occasionally need booster infusions as required.

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