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Advanced Mental Health Program

Advanced has partnered with specialists in Psychiatry, Integrated Medicine, Anesthesiology, performance coaches and healing practitioners to provide a cutting-edge integrated medicine solution for mental health unmatched in the marketplace. Our program involves a customized, 3-step “reset” of the body and mind to allow patients to regain control of their mental health and awareness.


Our Process

Step 1: Resetting the Body

This involves a comprehensive assessment of all the essential organs (Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Brain, Endocrine/Hormone, and GI.) We also screen for nutritional deficiencies, toxin exposures, allergens, genetic risks and nutrition analysis.

Once deficiencies are identified, Advanced customizes a treatment plan to reset and replenish the cells, so they can function at the highest levels for an individual’s physiological responses to demands on their body. Once the cells and organs are optimized, clients are able to achieve a heightened level of awareness and control of the body’s physiological processes. This has a huge effect on helping the body deal with the physical manifestations of stress.

It is our belief that disease and chronic illness are a result of the body’s dysfunctional and forced physiological responses to inadequate cellular nutrition and lack of awareness due to physical and mental stress on the body that forces our body to take “shortcuts” to key physiological processes. We have already proven in medicine that genes play less of a role in body physiology and manifestation of disease, but rather it is the combination of stress and exposure to toxins in our environment (chemical, physical and mental) that greatly contributes to overall health, longevity, and disease.
Step 2: Resetting the Mind
Once cells are fully optimized and functioning, we then perform a comprehensive mental health screen. We identify certain stressors within the mind and the body, thereby enhancing subconscious awareness. The next step is to train the body to heighten its awareness of the body and its subconscious processes so it can have complete control over how the body responds to stress and toxin exposures. The method to achieving this controlled state of awareness is through meditation and mindfulness practices. At Advanced, we use tools such as hypnotherapy, Ketamine therapy and therapies such a Neuromodulation therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy, and sensory deprivation therapy to teach clients how to use and improve their meditation practices so they can better connect with their subconscious physiological processes.
Step 3: Keeping the Mind and Body in Rhythm and Harmony

Once clients have achieved and optimized their mind-body connection, the work now begins on establishing a healthy lifestyle and routine that serves their highest self and purpose. The team at Advanced, works with clients to implement a lifestyle and nutritional plan that best serves their unique physiological demands. This is not a “one size fits all” approach like other programs, rather it’s a process that has been highly customized to each client based on their daily habits, foods, schedules, and activities, so that they can easily implement and maintain effortlessly for the rest of their life. When your mind and body are functioning in ideal rhythm and harmony together, the need to relapse to old habits or have a physiological or mental dependence on anything other than feeling your best, will also effortlessly disappear.