Nisha Money


Dr Money spent over a decade in the US military serving in a number of roles that included being a US Air Force Flight Surgeon, Senior Medical Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security, Head Physician Epidemiologist for the Department of Defense’s Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response Institute, and Chief Medical Officer of Integrative Medicine for DOD’s Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury. She holds Board Certifications and specialization in preventive, integrative, functional and psychedelic medicine.  She completed her medical training at Morehouse School of Medicine and completed her internship in Aerospace and Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Medical Center. Dr Money has traveled to the far reaches of the globe on medical assignments including the deep Amazon Jungle, and remote villages in India and Southeast Asia to learn the most effective healing practices for treating trauma and pain. Dr. Money presents for medical ‘Grand Rounds’ at UCLA Medical Center, while also having founded the Global Healing Initiatives Institute, an integrative medicine organization, which serves as a platform for holistic and regenerative medicine in the treatment of military veterans and trauma victims. As a pioneer in integrative and functional medicine for whole body system care, she also has further specialized training and expertise in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in not only treating a variety of mental and cognitive health disorders, but also rebooting and resetting the brain and mind for optimal performance. 

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Jennifer L. Udac, RN

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