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Advanced Wellness Medical Retreats

Advanced offers immersive retreats that combine innovative medical treatments with holistic practices to promote overall wellness and empower clients to implement teachings in their everyday lives.
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Advanced Healing Center at the Pohala Lodge

The Advanced Healing Center is an integrated wellness facility within the Pohala Lodge on the Big Island of Hawaii. We offer customized medical treatments along with a variety of holistic therapies.

Our Treatment Experiences Include:

  • Medical treatments, IV nutritional therapies and Aesthetic procedures.
  • Body treatments: Massage, Reiki
  • Fitness: Yoga and Movement Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Grounding Practices: Meditation and breathwork, Hypnosis, vibroacoustic and sound therapy
  • Customized organic farm-to-table nutritional meals
  • Hot Tub and Cold Plunge
  • Outdoor Sauna